Antenna Song Ft. Shahrukh Khan (Always Kabhi Kabhi)

Here comes another song from the album Always Kabhi Kabhi ‘Antenna’. Now this is a very special song of this album. Not only the song is great, but the song is Featuring Bollywood Badshaah Shahrukh Khan. He picked this for the promotion. The first impression will surprise you after you come across this song. The tune by itself doesn’t quite fetch your attention instantaneously. After repeated hearing, it does start catching up on you, so much so that you now want to hear it all over again. This song has been picturised on Shahrukh Khan who appear as an ‘item boy’ in the album and clearly the intention was to promote with it. Music composer have inherited the music from ‘Love Mera Hit Hit’ from SRK’s Billu. Overall the song is fun to watch and not that bad after all. Check it out by yourself. The song promo is in HD version below :

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