Asha Bhonsle criticizes young singers

Pune: Asha Bhonsle, a very bright, loved and eminent singer in Bollywood, is not approving of the young singers today who participate in reality shows on television, especially when they say that is not to promote the prospects in their careers.

Asha took the liberty to criticize the young singers, whether boys or girls, who are very talented, but wreck the values and the true meaning of their singing, by wearing make-up, putting on extravagant cloths and dance while they sing. As the valued singer says, all this is not required when one is a genuine singer.

Part of the blame, or part of the solution, are the parents. Asha believes that children should be encouraged to listen to classical music and receive appropriate training in that matter, and not spend their time wishing to participate in TV shows.

Young singer really do try to do their best when they appear on a reality show on TV, and do whatever they can to grab attention with their moves, make-up or outfits, but what they should be really thinking about is their singing.

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