Bollywood recalls singer Bhupen Hazarika’s contribution to music

The death of 85-year old Singing maestro Bhupen Hazarika is another shock for the Bollywood and music world fighting with the aftermaths of economic crisis.

The singer’s death on Sunday left the Indian music with his legacy of unforgettable composition and melodious songs. His departure has left an un-replaceable blank for his fans on regional and national  levels.

Many noted figures of Bollywood film industry paid their tributes to the renowned singer Hazarika by remembering his contributions to the film industry and music. Some of them also mentioned their associations with the singer who was not only melodious in his tunes but also a kind hearted person by nature.

Shabana AzmiShabana Azmi  called Hazarika as a person with misty-eyed affection. She had worked with him for  Kalpana Lajmi’s Ek Pal as well as great painter M F Hussain’s  movie Gaja Gamini—the opportunities she recalls as privilege for her to be associated with Bhupen. She also mentioned that Hazarika was a family acquaintance and used to meet her father Kaifi Azmi and mother Shaukat Azmi.

Hazarika’s contribution to the North-Eastern India, especially in Assam is immeasurable. Every common man of the region associates himself with Bhupen Hazarika’s voice. Hazarika was very much influenced with musician Paul Robeson and used music for transforming society, stated Shabana Azmi.

Raveena Tandon, who also worked with Hazarika for her most acclaimed movie Daman, expressed her condolence over his death. She revealed that she stayed in regular touch with the singer but could not meet him before his death.

Recalling shooting of Daman, Raveena called Bhupen a father-like figure and mentioned that he was the happiest person when she received national award for her acting in Daman.

Many other film industry personalities called Hazarika’s death a great loss to Indian cinema and music.  Sudden demise of noted singer Jagjit Singh had already distressed Bollywood recently.

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