Freak Out Song (Luv Ka The End)

Yash Raj Films have tried for the first time, a young rom-com with a teen Hollywood flick mood to it. With Y-Films coming into picture where the focus is on making films of, for and by the young ones, one can expect bubbly and teenage soundtrack from the team of composer Ram Sampat and lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya.
And the result is this track ‘Freak Out’, which is the highlight song of the album. Singer Aditi Singh Sharma is in her elements all over again along with Joi Barua. Ram Sampat applied some unique technique that has never ever been attempted for a Hindi film before. This song ‘Freak Out’ has animation in practically every frame of its video, well complimented by the fun quotient along with the music that brings with it. The song last barely 3 minutes but it would definitely find a repeat listening for itself after being seen on the big screen. Now how can we forget not to show you the video of this song, that too after going all praise for it. So no disappointment from us, check out the HQ promo if this bubbly rom-com song ‘Freak Out’.

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