German Orchestra plays tribute to Rahman tunes

Winning accolades and appreciation has become an easy task for the music Maestro – A. R. Rahman. The Germany Film Orchestra Babelsberg paid a special tribute to the music legend at Delhi and played all his wonderful tracks at the Sri Fort Auditorium in Delhi.

The 1500 people who were there for watching the Orchestra got a special treat as they played to Rahman’s finest tunes from his films. Inspite of the biting cold, audiences turned up in huge numbers to get a glimpse of the Germany Film Orchstra Babelsberg, which has over 100 plus musicians who perfectly synchronised and conducted the orchestra with perfect symphony under the guidance of Matt Dunkley – Music Composer and Orchestra Conductor.

The orchestra could not have asked for a better ambience as there was the legend himself A.R.Rahman who was present to listen to his own compositions. The concert was being held to celebrate the 60 years of diplomatic relations between Germany and India.

From tracks ranging from Rahman’s earliest and most accomplished works in Roja to 127 Hours, the orchestra also played some scores from films like Meenaxi, Swades, Slumdog Millionare and Robot.

An emotionally overwhelmed Rahman when walked up to the stage to be felicitated couldn’t help but praising the Orchestra troupe.”I always go places to watch them play, but the fact that they are playing my music and that too so beautifully,” he quoted saying.

The Classic Incantations – as the concert is titled premiered in Mumbai last Friday and travelled to Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Bengaluru. The concert also features around 30 students from K.M Music Conservatory which was started by Rahman himself to provide the young advanced training in music.

The highlight of the evening was however the two-and a half minute piece of Slumdog Millionare from Lathika’s theme which grabbed all eyeballs. Rahman along with sitarist Asad Ali Khan and flutist Navin Iyer added depth and soul with their Indian accompaniment to German flavour. An evening unforgettable for Rahman and his beloved fans that just could not do anything but give him what he deserves the best – A Standing Ovation!!!

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