Jagjit Singh – A huge loss

Jagjit Singh’s popularity knew not the bound of a country, race or religion. The maestro enthralled masses with his heart rending ghazals globally. Condolences started pouring in from all over the world the moment the great ghazal king passed away. Aged 70 Jagjit Singh passed away in Mumbai today after suffering from brain haemorrhage.

Other greats like Pandit Jasraj deeply mourned the huge loss today. Expressing great grief over the sudden demise of the ghazal maestro Pandit Jasraj commented, “The world has suffered great losses this year -stalwarts of music, first Bharat Ratna Pandit Bhimsen Joshi and now the sudden demise of my best musical friend and brother Padma Bhushan Jagjit Singh.” The great Indian musician further added that he is speechless at the turn of events today and that the fans and the music community have lost a great composer today.

Jagjit Singh along with his wife Chitra Singh who also happened to be an eminent ghazal singer formed one of the most successful Indian musical duos. His music was not just limited to Bollywood music. In fact there are a multitude of languages that he sang in. Punjabi, Bengali,Nepali, Sindhi, Gujrati,  Hindi and Urdu are some of the languages that he performed in. For being such an asset to his motherland Jagjit Singh was also awarded with the third highest civilian honour in our country, i.e. the Padma Bhushan.

The maestro gets all the credit for reviving Ghazals in our country. The best part being he mixed it so well with the mass media of today that the common started falling more and more for ghazals. Decades of performance certainly led to the popularization of ghazals in our country. He will certainly be missed by the music community and fans all over the world. Rest in Peace the King of Ghazals.

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