Jasbir Jassi performs live at Cannes Film Festival

Cannes: Cannes Film Festival is really going great guns nowadays in France. The sultry heart-hitting sexy babes of the entertainment worlds and the stars have been endowing with their presence and their presence is being felt. Every other babe is trying hard to look super lavish than the rest and in this race, we are enjoying to see the well-designed outfits worn by them. The red carpet is being ignited by their appearances as well.

Indian artists are getting full projection and they are giving their super best to allure the people out there. Where Bollywood presence is being lured, the famed Punjabi singer Jasbir Jassi too made his way to Cannes. It was a much-awaited performance by him and he has been yearning for it last one and half year or so. He has been trying it hard to get this golden opportunity and it came his way at last this year. Jassi was super excited to perform at the world’s largest glittering film festival.

He delivered his performance at Cannes on May 21st. He was zeroed in by NFDC (National Film Development Corporation) to deliver his gig at the mega event.

Talking to media over there, Jasbir says that he has been looking forward to this kind of opportunity since long where he can make the people felt his presence on global music scene. Jasbir happens to be the first ever Punjabi singer to perform live at Cannes Film Festival. Jasbir Jassi finds this platform colossal to convey the message to the world audience that real Indian music is super rich laced with soul-enticing poetry drenched in melody and rhythm.

He adds that he wanted to let the world audience know that Indian music was simply unmatched and it can touch the hearts.

He gave his performance a Sufi touch which was loved a lot by the audiences out there.

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