London Paris New York – Music Review

Music Album – London Paris New York

Music Critic: Goher Iqbal Punn


Producer: Goldie Behl and Shrishti Arya

Director: Anu Menon

Cast: Ali Zafar and Aditi Rao Hydari

Music and Lyrics: Ali Zafar

Goldie Behel’s production Landon Paris New York is being churned out everywhere these days. The film’s publicity is going on with vigor. The film stars Pakistani singer turned actor Ali Zafar opposite Aditi Rao Hydari in the main leads. Written and directed by Anu Menon, the movie is a romantic comedy that tells about the love between the two protagonists – Nikhil (Ali Zafar) and Lalitha (Adit Rao) who bump into each other for a night in three various cities of the world – London, Paris and New York. The music of the movie has been released. Ali Zafar is behind the entire music scene as he composes the soundtrack, sings the songs and writes the lyrics for this album. He has scored music for the first time for a feature film, as previously he has scored music only for his music albums. Let’s check out the music of this soundtrack.

London Paris New York [Ali Zafar and Sunidhi Chauhan]

The soundtrack begins with the lively and energetic title track ‘London Paris New York’. Sung by Ali Zafar and Sunidhi Chauhan, the number is simply electrifying. Ali Zafar emerges with class. His mesmerizing vocals appear sachcharine. Sunidhi is simply brilliant and impresses with her usual fire-like vocals. The song is foot tapping and you can play it in a party to dance to the beats. The crooning of ‘tu turu’ is what spells magic with the ears. The lyrics are well-penned and music is s treat to be with.

[xrr rating=4/5]

Voh Dekhnay Mein [Ali Zafar]

Since the film’s subject is romantic comedy and the film has been targeted to the youth, this song is aptly for the youngsters in particular for the young guys who love to woo the gals. The chorus in the background is mesmerizing. Lyrics though appear to be ordinary but go well with the mood of the song. The song reminds you of Kishore Kumar’s much popular and hummable song ‘Ek Larki Bheegi Bhagi Si’. Zafar tries to copy the style of Kishore Kumar but cannot croon like the legend. Copying Kishore is very difficult thing to do, this is what appears on this song. He even tries to yodeling like Kishore Da and even ends the song in the legendary Kishore’s trademark style, but fails to generate the oomph factor for which Kishore was known. Music is well-scored. Ali Zafar is much famous for copying Kishore in his songs. One must inspire from others but make style of his/her own, this Ali Zafar should know if he wants to make a good career in music industry. Due to Ali Zafar’s trying to be Kishore, the song spoils its worth.

[xrr rating=1/5]

Ting Rang [Ali Zafar]

Next comes a Punjabi number on the album. Ali Zafar croons it with finesse portraying energetic vocals. The chorus is good to hear. Lyrics look good. Composition is lively. The song appears to be apt from all aspects but why one feels that this composition has been heard previously in some Bollywood film.

[xrr rating=2.5/5]

Thehree Si Zindagi [Ali Zafar and Adity Rao Hydari]

Ali Zafar starts the number and displays his singing that lures the listeners. Aditi Rao Hydari too joins in him and she impresses rather loots the scene with her rendition. The lyrics are philosophical. Music is splendid. Background chorus gels well with the mood of the track.

[xrr rating=4/5]

Oo Lala [Sanam Marvi, Hadiqa Kiyani and Ali Zafar]

Ali Zafar brings two Pakistani singers – Sanam Marvi, Hadiqa Kiani on board to render the lines. The song begins with the classical note delivered brilliantly by Sanam Marvi. Pakistani famous singer Hadiqa Kiyani sings with gusto. The rap portion is foot tapping. Ali Zafar delivers the goods with aplomb. Lyrics are ordinary. The music is noisy. There is much noise in the song that you like to skip the track at once.  Singers’ vocals are hardly listenable due to heavy use of instruments. It is a club dance number but not the one you like to play it.

[xrr rating=1/5]

Aaja [Ali Zafar]

The track begins well with the strings of guitar. Ali Zafar does not impress at all as a singer. Lyrics are pretty ordinary. Music is again much noisy like the previous track. Skip it instantly.

[xrr rating=1/5]

Voh Dekhnay Mein [Adity Rao Hydari]

The female version of Voh Dekhnay Mein concludes the album. Aditi Rao Hydari sings it with such finesse that you love her singing. The minimal instruments’ use in the background impresses the most. Song is much short but is superlative. Go for listening it again.

[xrr rating=3.5/5]

Final Verdict:

Some of the songs of this album are simply breath-arresting but the rest of the album is boring and noisy. Ali Zafar, as he is scoring the music for the first time for a film, needs to learn the art of composition for films. If given more chances, he has potential to grow as a good film composer. On lyrics too, he will have to give attention. On the whole, the soundtrack of London Paris New York is merely average but few of the tracks are really worth listening.

[xrr rating=2.5/5]

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