Music Review –Vicky Donor

Movie: Vicky Donor

Music Critique : Rachna Srivastava

Directed by: Shoojit Sircar

Produced by: John Abraham

Music Director: Abhishek-Akshay, Donn-Bann, Rochak Kohli and Ayushmann

Lyricist: Kusum Verma, Vijay Maurya, Ayushmaan Khurrana, Juhi Chaturvedi and Swanand Kirkire

Singers: Akshay Verma, Aditi Singh Sharma, Clinton Cerejo, Ayushmann Khurrana, Vishal Dadlani, Sunidhi Chauhan, Bann, Mika and Sukanya Purkayastha

 Release Date: 20th April,2012

This particular flick is all about debuting – Hotshot John Abraham wearing the Producers Hat for the first time; Desi VJ Ayushmaan Khurrana’s first Bolly Cine; bringing the freshness to the musical aspect, are the Music Duo Abhishek-Akshay and it is the first-ever film of the tinsel town to have been made on sperm donation and infertility, which is still considered a taboo in our oh-so-developing country, India. It is also a movie with some newbies taking the mike and also penning down the lyrics. It has been composed by the collective efforts of five people and also the lyrics have been co-written.

Vicky Donor has quite an aweless subject but is presented along with a comic twist and Ayushmaan being a youth icon pays off really well. There were raised eyebrows with John not playing the lead and the film being made on such a subject, to this John casually replied stating that he wanted to create quality content he believed in, in his baby production and on the subject being risky he commented that it was a rom-com flick of a Punjabi boy and Bengali girl, revolving around sperm donation. Director Shoojit Sircar had done a great deal of homework on Sperm donation and infertility and also had consulted several medical experts and donors, prior to making of the film for almost three years. It is also said that there was a medical advisor inducted for the film.

Debutants Abhishek-Akshay, have done a decent job and the music is filled with freshness and callowness. Ayushman,Donn-Bann and Rochak Kohli, have also chipped in a fair share to the candor. Rum Whiskey is already making people groove, and much talked about is Pani Da Rang sung by debutant Ayushmaan himself.

Now let’s unfurl the songs:


[xrr rating=3.5/5]

Akshay Verma starts with a fresh song exemplifying the need of money and never ending desires with Aditi Singh Verma only chirping the chorus. It is breezy and easy on the eardrum. Kusum Verma makes the lyrics quite situational. The composition is a well-done job and has neat guitar work in the background.

2.Kho Jaane Do

[xrr rating=4/5]

This is a beautiful song with sheer innocence, again written by Kusum Verma, and Clinton Cerejo with Aditi Singh Sharma on the vocals, adding to the simplicity and purity of the song.  The tunes are worth humming and make you hit repeat so that you get more and more of the track. This time Aditi is not only cooing the chorus but gets some versus to sing.  This simple sober track is one that makes you listen to more of the album, and acts as a cue to what else is in store. The lyrics like “Mausam toh nahi,Yeh phir kyun bahar hai,Tumpe nisaar hum,Baaki bekaar hai” are lucid and graspable.

 3.Rum Whiskey

[xrr rating=4.5/5]

The trailers are everywhere, official video is out and hit. This party number is the soul to the album, with John shaking a broken leg, this song summaries the whole movie. It is one song which portrays everyone in their own character. Being used as a promo song, it has already hit the top slots and is deemed to be one of the toppers in the party songs’ list this year. Rum Whiskey, though the name being pretty unusual, is a viral track and has infected various stereo sets and is all over. The lyricist Kusum Verma has shown all, the variety she has got, in just three tracks of different genres. The words are catchy and you would want to just keep on hearing the track over and over again.  With Akshay Verma sounding completely different as a Punjabi munda humming “Naina naina vaari vaari khol ke tu vekh lai,Dil wali takni chte dhol ke tu vekh lai,Sade jeya gabru nayo kite labna,Paawe jahan saara tol lai, tol lai, tol lai, tol lai..”, the song surely makes the mark and qualifies with all characteristics being present of being a sure-shot wedding song this season.

4.Pani Da Rang (Male)

[xrr rating=4/5]

On the tracklist next is a totally pleasant surprise from Ayushmann, who has done great work in co-composing as well as voicing the song. His voice has a very unexampled touch and the Punjabi lyrics are heartfelt,eloquent and ardent. The tune is a mix of desi and videshi beats, simple yet very devouted. With this song the album’s expectations go high. The three ‘A’s- Abhishek,Akshay and Ayushmann ,have done a great deal of good work with this favourite track.  It is surely going to remain on the playlist for a long time.

 5.Mar Jaiyan (Romantic)

[xrr rating=3.5/5]

This one by Vishal Dadlani and Sunidhi Chauhan, is a good track reminiscing a regular romantic track. It has varying tempos, the magic seems to be fluctuating and with the qawalli piece, it further acquires the tag of being similar to “Tujhe Bhula Dia” going along the same lines. The lyrics are by Swanand Kirkire, and Vishal and Sunidhi do justice to the song on their part. So here is a track which you can lay back on a “Vella” day and listen.


[xrr rating=3.5/5]

Now comes a totally different treat, one of its kind, Chaddha , is the song which sketches the chase Vicky faces by Dr.Chaddha trying to convince him for sperm donation. Adding spice to the song is Mika, who has now excelled in the songs falling in this genre. His roguish voice adds more to the flavor of the song. The lines like “Ho..spark plug mein carbon aaya
Kismat ke lag gaye pakode,Ho..sharme rodey bhalle batrey,Saari guilty fauj mein daude” and “Ho..dua dawai chod chad ke,Change ho gaya adda,Mil gaye sab tel nagar,Saanu mil gaya ported chaddha” are hilarious. This is a completely insane song with infectious lyrics. It seems that the song would appear in various situations throughout the movie.

 7.Pani Da Rang (Female)

[xrr rating=4/5]

Here comes the female version of the previous “Pani Da Rang” by Sukanya Purkayastha. It works as a sad version of it. It is as equally well sung as Ayushmann Khurrana’s version. Though the male version is the one which lights up the mood, this one is the one which is preferred when thinking of the blues. Sukanya does a perfect job, adding to the array of slow songs which become useful in inducing nostalgia. This one deserves quite a few repeats while listening. The lyrics as stated before are eloquent.

8.Mar Jaiyan (Sad)

[xrr rating=4/5]

The last track of the album is a well-perfected attempted by the newcomer Bann. It is a sad version of the previous one sung by Vishal Dadlani and Sunidhi Chauhan, but seems quite different when listening. Bann adds his touch to it and has a very rustic voice texture. The composition strikes right note and this one should be preferred over the romantic version.

Our Verdict:

This album has newness and freshness quotient and is overall a bunch of varied track that manage to deserve more listening. Tracks like “Rum Whiskey” and “ Pani Da Rang” are the ones that are addictive and plus points to the whole album. Mar Jaiyan by Bann gives this piece new dimension. It is a well tried and complied effort by the debutants. It is surely worth a listen and buying won’t cause any regret.


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