Neha Dhupia’s debut in singing

Neha Dhupia has started her career in the singing industry. The attractive, popular actress will not give up the film industry, but just recently recorded a new song for the film she is currently working at. In the new movie, Neha plays the role of a pitiless don. The character is very strong and requires a lot of work from Neha, to find the best way of reproducing Munni Madam, a bitter woman who hates men.

The song Neha has recorded is song together with Kailash Kher, a famous Indian singer, and represents a side of the character Neha is playing in the film. The director of the movie, Subhash, stated that it was his wish from the beginning that Neha would sing this song. However, she did not accept this job, as she is not a professional singer and does not have the necessary experience.

Neha accepted in the end, and she even showed excitement recently when declaring that it was an honor for her to sing with popular Kailash.

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