Pritam to compose music for villain Aamir

New Delhi: Aamir Khan has broken all the records in music when he sung “Aati Kya Khandala”, for the film “Ghulam”. Thirteen years later, the actor has planned to again use his talented voice for the film “Dhoom 3”. The music will be composed by Pritam, who wants to make it really electrifying. To make that happen, Pritam is now working hard to wrap up all his remaining work and clear his schedule for June, when he will start to work solely for “Dhoom 3”.

Pritam has met with Aditya last week secretly, when he was asked to create the sound for the film, and a signature tune for the character Aamir will play. Pritam confirmed the rumors, adding that he has even turned down some other offers, including the chance to compose the songs for “Double Dhamaal”, all to free his time for “Dhoom 3”. It is the first time that Aamir Khan will be working with Pritam.

In the film, Aamir will play the role of a villain, so composing for villainous roles is a real challenge for the composer.

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