Siruthai, a film for the family

Chennai: “Siruthai” is the perfect film for the Tamil goers. It is a great family entertainer, and has come out as a festival bonanza. An excellent blend of comedy, action, romance and emotion will make viewers of all ages to love this film.

Karthi play the role of the hero in this story, and has proved to be a good actor, especially considering the promotion of the film. He really sells his part, and handled well the duality of his role, that of a thief and policeman.

To make the long story short, the plot starts in the village Kurnool, in the Andhara Pradesh area. Ratnavel, Karthi’s character, is an honest and tough policeman, who manages to clean up the village, but gets seriously injured in a fight with the bad guys.

His colleagues at the police office turn to his lookalike, Rocket Raja, a pocket thief, and give him the responsibility of taking care of Ratnavel’s daughter, Divya.

From here on, one can only imagine what will come up next. Certain is that this commercial, unpretentious film will make a family’s weekend.

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