The Dirty Picture (2011) Review – Details, Music Review

Movie Title – The Dirty Picture

Star Cast – Vidya Balan, Naseeruddin Shah, Emraan Hashmi, Tusshar Kapoor, Anju Mahendroo

Director – Milan Luthria

Producer – Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor

Music Director – Vishal Shekhar

Lyrics – Rajat Arora

Audio – T-Series

Genre – Drama Musical

Review By Goher Iqbal Punn

[xrr rating=4/5]

Vidya Balan’s much-in-talks movie, ‘The Dirty Picture’ eventually hits the screens with grandeur aplomb and oomph. Balaji Telefilms’ mega project is on every tongue and this is the movie which has been churned out on every corner. The huge hype has been done for the movie. The masses watched the voluptuous-sexy-dusky Vidya along with the leading cast and crew everywhere – on TV shows, events and parties. The production house did not leave any stone unturned to make this venture ‘an apple of every eye’. Ekta Kapoor wanted to inject the flick into every moviegoer’s soul and she succeeded utterly in doing so.

The Dirty Picture raised the popularity graph of Vidya to such heights where she now stands along with the top notch Bollywood actresses. She will now be charging the bigger bucks post the release of the flick. Wait to see this babe now in every big banner’s project, every giant brands’ advertisements and everywhere in the film parties. Well, the queues of the producers with offers in hand will now be seen at Balan’s house.

If the film is going to make Vidya Balan super successful, it will definitely add sparkles to the production house and the team associated with this outing. The Dirty Picture is certainly the well-made and classy picture of the year 2011. The makers and the cast and crew will start emerging on the awards’ functions to fetch in the awards.

Milan Luthria, the happy man, the director of the movie has bigger reasons to smile now like Ekta Kapoor. He previously delivered the hit ‘Once Upon a Time in Mumbai’ with Ekta and now he dishes out another mega hit ‘The Dirty Picture’ with the giant production abode of Ekta Kapoor.

The special mentions are certainly for the executer (Milan Luthria) and the screenplay writer Rajat Arora who made this fiesta superb and attention-grabbing for the audiences. The moviegoers find themselves sitting on the edge of the seats throughout the flow of the film. From the beginning reels till the finale, the flick is a class and never leaves the attention of the viewer. The cinegoer takes the movie back home and this is the specialty of the film.

Both Milan and Rajat worked together in Once Upon a Time in Mumbai as director-writer and the final product shoved to heights and now they re-worked together on The Dirty Picture, this movie too is expected to hit the jackpot. The opening of the film was great and the masses turned out to be in abundance. The following days will bring more queues at the ticketing windows – the collections would be superb domestically and internationally.

Once Upon a Time is a daring and provocative venture. Since it is laced with the bold theme and carries the skin-show but you cannot name it a vulgar movie.

The film is a biopic of the life and times of Silk Smitha, the sex symbol and the well-in-demands actress of the south industry of the 80s era. Vidya portrays the character of Silk and her bold performance in the movie grabs the attention of the viewers from tip to toe. Vidya is everywhere on the movie getting the viewers mesmerized by her super acting and the bold avatars. This sex goddess confers the utter titillation to the moviegoers and eventually dies a sad and tear-jerking death. In her life, she combats popularity, fate and alcohol. Just imagine a junior artist of the south film fraternity who turns out to be the supremely sought-after leading actress of the 80s era ruling the scene. This is what the film shows on screen depicting the dramatic rise and the utter fall of the sexy-sizzling siren. This prototypical sex goddess is the princess of sex and sensuality for her fans out in the world but internally she also seeks true love. There emerges an ill-fated encounter laced with treachery and infidelity that leads to the terrible corollaries.

Milan Luthria makes the venture an absolute delight for the viewers. He very brilliantly executes the tragic saga of a sexy siren on celluloid. The film does not get lethargic or dry at any point throughout yhe flow of the movie since Vidya Balan keeps the viewers entertained and entertained.

Rajat Arora deserves the distinction marks for scribbling down such a fabulous and creative script and his classy dialogues are simply mesmerizing. The script is the life of any film and when it loses the interest and oomph factor, the film has to witness the disaster. But in this case, the scene is different as the screenplay is well-written and interesting. There are some sequences, which get the pace a bit slow, but those were only in the post interval portion of the movie. Rest the movie is full of life injecting interest quotient in the viewers.

The noteworthy sequences of the movie include the ones when Vidya  bumps into Emraan and when Naseeruudin Shah denies working with her and she seduces her in a way a man gets killed sexually, her interaction with the better half of Naseeruddin Shah and the producer of the adult films. The film is packed with the astonishing moments to grab your attention in full.

The music of the movie is splendid. Oo La La is the major pick of the lot and has emerged as chartbuster. It is very hummable sung by Bappi Lahiri and Shreya Ghoshal. Rest of the album too is mellifluous.

The cinematography is a great piece to rave about. Editing is crispy. Choreography is simply awesome – the feel of 80s looks eye-pleasing.

Vidya Balan has done the spellbinding job. Although she has delivered many creative acts in many films but this one would be remembered throughout her life and the viewers will always remember her for the portrayal of Silk Smitha. Her skin-show and marvelous acting skills raise the spirits of the moviegoers. This is really an award-winning performance and soon she would be seen fetching the awards for this film.

Naseeruudin Shah delivers the goods intelligently and classily. He shows his rich experience in this film. He allures the hearts. Emraan Haashmi does the fine job, as he is a brilliant actor already. Tushaar Kapoor enacts the part luminously. Rest of the cast fills the bill aptly.

Final Verdict of the Critic:

The Dirty Picture is a classy product in every sense of the word. With quality script, dialogues, direction, sex-show, melodious music and heart-hitting performances – the movie will bank higher and higher at the box office. It is one of the best movies of 2011. Get ready to see the cast and crew grabbing the awards at the functions in the days to come.


Film making is not just about making money through commercial movies, but also about exploring new subjects that have never been touched before. Now, Milan Luthria decides to do something different from his regular movies and The Dirty Picture is something that will make people think about certain aspects of movie making that they might have never seen before. The Dirty Picture looks like a vulgar account of doomed sex symbol Silk Smitha but in reality the movie focuses on the tragedy behind the sexy and sensuous face that audiences were never able to see. It was during the completion of Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai that Ekta Kapoor decided to produce The Dirty Picture for Milan Luthria. She mentioned that it would be India’s answer to Boogie Nights that was nominated for Academy Awards. She immediately approached Vidya Balan for the role which was readily accepted. Milan Luthria and screenwriter Rajat Arora did the research work from true story and then fictionalized them to make it interesting.

Movie Review By Jyotsna

[xrr rating=4/5]

The Southern Actresses and their voluptuous figures! OMG! This is what the first look of the movie is going to ring through your head. But trust me there is much more to the movie that Vidya’s looks. The Dirty Pictures’ pre-release promotions have made sure that you enter the theatres with a lot of anticipations. Whether the movie comes true to your expectations or ends up being a worthless hype let’s find out now.

VIdya Balan: Bollywood’s new hit recipe

Enter the hall and you are introduced to South Sex Siren of the 80s. The moment you want to start applauding for Silk Smitha the inspiration of Vidya Balan in The Dirty Picture you realize the lady is a poor and tackily dressed woman not something you quite expected. Hold on! This is just the beginning. You will soon see the transformation of Reshma from the poor village girl to Sexy Silk. The reason: An unstoppable desire to make it large in the South Film Industry. Despite the humiliating rejections Silk sticks to pursuing her dreams.

You will soon see how Silk makes a particular ‘compromise’ (you know what I mean) to land a role in a movie. It seems this is all that she needed and her rise to immediate stardom comes in magically. She soon leaves the entire industry lusting for her and the desire only keeps increasing. In the second half of the movie you will realize that the speed with which Silk rises to stardom is nothing compared the speed with which she falls back.

The Ekta Kapoor touch

With movies like ‘Love, Sex Aur Dhoka’ and ‘Ragini MMS’ Ekta Kapoor has proved her mettle again and again. It seems the once ‘Saas Bahu’ serial queen has come down a long way by defining a completely new genre of the Indian cinema. If there is one thing which defines her movie it certainly is the popular dialogue from The Dirty Picture “Picture chalti hai sirf teen cheeson se, entertainment, entertainment, entertainment!” Director Milan Luthria has presented here a complete blend of boldness, realism and drama.

Watch it for the first half

Consider the first half of the movie and it is just entertainment. You will not be able to control yourself from clapping, hooting and even wolf whistling all through the time. Writer Rajat Arora indeed has done justice to the dialogues. They seem to linger on and you end up wanting to hear more and yet more.

A dull second half

The second half however could not impress me to that extend. Personally I felt it a fast transition from the highs created in the first half. Silks stumbling from her stardom and the love link between Abraham and Silk both appear pretty superficial here. However there is one positive throughout the movie which eliminates all the negatives. Vidya Balan weaves the magic of her acting and establishes the character of Silk with a precision that is rarely seen in Bollywood.

Other Assets of the Dirty Picture

Nasseruddin Shah playing South Superstar Suryakant is another asset to the movie. The acting legend that he is he yet again delivers an outstanding performance. You will actually be surprised watching the usually serious Shah adding ‘masala’ to the movie. Tusshar Kapoor’s role on the other hand is too small to register throughout the movie. Emraan Hashmi however has done an amazing piece of work on this movie.

Needless to say the Vishal-Shekhar music adds to the life of the movie. Overall the movie I feel is a rage. Trust me you definitely don’t want to miss Silk.


Koimoi Rating : Komal Nahata gives the movie a [xrr rating=4/5] “The Dirty Picture is a wonderful film and will do extraordinary business.”

Rediff Rating: [xrr rating=3.5/5] “There’s remarkable relish and abandon in the manner Vidya Balan essays Silk, inspired by Southern siren Silk Smitha and her part-flamboyant, part-distressing journey from struggler to star to shadow.”

Times Of India: [xrr rating=4/5] “The Dirty Picture is definitely not only your film for the week, but is a seminal work that will be studied in feminist discourses.”

Taran Adarsh: [xrr rating=4/5] “The Dirty Picture banks heavily on shock-value, sex-value and most importantly, script-value.”

DNA India: [xrr rating=4/5] “Watch The Dirty Picture for the gutsiest, most versatile actor we have today”

Music Review

[xrr rating=2/5]

The Dirty Picture tells the story of Silk Smitha that got a lot of attention from the Tamil film industry during the 80s but she finally had to suffer a lonely tragic death. Hence, most of the songs in the movie are made keeping in mind that the story does not belong in the recent era. Let’s take a quick look at the music album that has been released and see what Vishal Shekhar and Rajat Arora combination can provide to our ears.

The Dirty Picture music album gets a smashing start with Ooh La La which is definitely a dance number that you can move your legs on. The music arrangement is very much similar to that in 80s, but while listening to this song you should keep your ears alert because the lyrics can make you entertain all the time. Rajat Arora has added that naughty sensuous touch to the song by adding funny and naughty lines that will keep you on the toes all the time. The song is greatly inspired from old classic songs of Jeetendra and Mithun and somewhere down the line you will feel that the music is very much similar to those songs.

The second track is something different from the first one and this one is sung by Kamal Khan known as Ishq Sufiyana which belongs to Emraan Hashmi in the movie. However, you once again feel the déjà vu feeling and finally come to conclusion that the song is very much in sync with Pee Loon from Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai. Ishq Sufiyana will definitely hit the charts in the coming weeks because it is one song in the album that can steal the attention of the listeners. However, it would be a better idea if the same song was sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

Going back to the similar retro music is Honeymoon Ki Raat which looks like a club mix that comes from an era when Mithun and Bappi Lahiri were making waves all over the nation. This song is completely different because Sunidhi Chauhan gives it a different feel compare to regular night club songs sunged in the 80s.

Twinkle Twinkle is just another naughty music that reminds you of the times when naughty lyrics were becoming trend all over India. Shreya Goshal takes the song to another level and the funky beats by Vishal Shekhar make it better than anything else.

Hence, overall The Dirty Picture has only two songs that can come up in the charts which are Ooh La La and Ishq Sufiyana. You can say that the rest of the songs are good but they might only appear good when you see them on screen. Apart from that there is nothing solid in this music album mainly because the movie is more script oriented.

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