YashRaj Kapil in confabulation with BollyGraph!

A performer who sets the stage on fire, he is given the task of representing India in a battleground of “Sur” in the latest show making ripples, “Sur kshetra”; which is deemed to be the biggest musical show; Yashraj Kapil, the charming boy on the block, a ladies’ man with a melodious voice , the winner of the music reality show “Sitaron ko Choona Hai” and the finalist of Indian Idol: Season 5, perks up a confabulation with BollyGraph.

Q1. Working with A.R Rahman is a singer’s dream, how enchanting was yours?

Ans: True.It’s not just every singer’s , but every musician’s dream to work with Mr. Rahman. Unfortunately, I haven’t got an opportunity to work with him as such for a playback, though I’d performed for an event long back where his music was being celebrated & Mr. Resul Pokutty made it special by being there.

Q2. Indian Idol gave you the fame and name. You got your share of fame, but for Indian public it’s like “Out of sight, Out of mind”. Has it happened with you too?

Ans: To an extent, yes it started to happen with me when I had not appeared on television for quite a long time after winning ‘Sitaron’ ; But I think, luckily I have managed to get myself registered in the audience’s mind through ‘Indian Idol’ although, that’s not all for me. I want much much more than that. Which I believe will happen eventually.

Q3. The concept of “Sur Kshetra” is one of its kinds and people are voicing it to be the biggest reality show of all times. Do you agree?

Ans: 1000%  Yes!

I mean if I ask you, how many reality shows have you seen before airing on 3 channels across the nations, at once?? I don’t think there are any names to that.
Because, it has never happened before that two rival channels (Sahara& Colors) have come together & joined hands to promote just one property.
It’s just because of the fact that, ‘Surkshetra’ is actually so huge as a concept, not just the concept, and the kind of the names that it has attached to it, make it more grand.

Personally, I think ‘Surkshetra’ is a stage, which I’ve always dreamt about & the biggest milestone in my career.

Q4. Being judged by all biggies like Asha Bhosle, Abida Parveen and Runa Laila, how nervous are you?

Ans: I won’t say I’m not nervous, but I won’t also say that I’m nervous.
Basically don’t get confused, all I’m trying to say is that yes, it’s really hard to sing in front of such legends, but when you go out there, hold that mike,
that’s all! The fear’s gone the stress is gone & there’s just one thing left- The joy of performing. After all this is something I’ve waited for all my life.

Q5.The scoring pattern of the show is quite gripping: a perfect 10 or a zero. Your mantra to get that perfect 10 is: ______________?

Ans: Deliver all you prepare!

Q6.How in your opinion is the show going to affect the Indo-Pak relations?

Ans: I think it’ll make it better.


1.One thing for which you would like to be remembered after death
– Only & Only My Music.

2.If not singing, what else would we see you doing?

-Painting Or composing music.

3.One thing not many know about you.

-I think, there’s nothing as such.

4. If your house was on fire and you could only grab 3 things before leaving, what would you fetch?

– My keyboard, my laptop, & my cellphone.

5. If you could go anywhere in the world in the next hour, where would you go?

-Switzerland, with my fiancé. I’ve been longing for a holiday now.

6. Place you shop the most at:

-Currently, Mumbai. Don’t get time to go anywhere else these days.

7. Brands you don:

-Levi’s, Converse, Gucci, Diesel.

8. Languages in which you can articulate:

-English & Hindi mostly.

9. Three styling tips that always work for you:

-Wet Hair, ironed clothes, & shoes.

10. You were embarrassed when:

-When my pants torn off, while rehearsing for a school function.


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