A Film On the Student Stabbing Teacher Incident by Mahesh Manjrekar

Many would remember the shocking incident involving a 15-year old school student causing the death of his teacher by stabbing him, in the city of Chennai. Apparently, the incident has left a deep mark on the mind of actor and famous film maker Mahesh Manjrekar. So much so, that this popular personality has decided to remake his Marathi film in Hindi. The film is based on the perils and negative points of today’s education system.

It has been heard that Manjrekar originally wanted Salman Khan to be a part of this project and play the lead role. However, the busy star is too packed with his other engagements at the moment. So, Akshay Kumar has now been chosen as a possibility for starring in the Hindi remake of ‘Shikashanachya Aaicha Gho’. The film will demand him to play the tyrannical father of a 15 year old who is much more interested in playing the game of cricket, than in his academics. Only, the father realises this truth a little too late.

Salman and Mahesh Manjrekar have developed a good bond of friendship post ‘Wanted’, ‘Dabangg’ and ‘Ready’. In all these films, the two have worked together. It has been heard that the film maker waited a year almost for the actor to find time for this film. But in spite of wanting to be a part of this promising and socially relevant project, the actor just could not find the time. While he was waiting, Prakash Raj took the opportunity to make a remake of this film in Telugu, called ‘Dhoni’. It is then that it struck Mahesh that he could not sit idle any longer. This project had to be started. So, the next step he took was accepting the part of a lawyer in the film ‘Oh my God’. This has been produced by Akshay Kumar. Thus, being on the set gave him the opportunity to talk to the actor about his venture.  Apparently, it seems that the actor has been deeply moved the concept of a 15 year old struggling to bear the weight of his studies. The film will also portray how the excessive burden of academics slowly takes away the happiness and joy from the child’s life and stops his growth process.

There is reason to believe that Akshay Kumar has indeed agreed to play the role of the father in this film. The maker of the film himself has said that there is a good chance that the audience will get to see the actor in this role. Mahesh expects Akshay to make people aware of the condition of the school going students in India today. He wonders what reasons there could be for which a mere student would commit a gross crime like murder. What could lead him to hate his educator so much? He feels that his film will educate the general audience of India on the sorry plight of students today. As a result children would be able to have a happier childhood and choose a profession of their own choice. 

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