A girl fan bites John Abraham’s finger

Mangalore: Bollywood’s most famous hunk John Abraham has tremendous and vast fan following in India and abroad. The majority of his fans consist of girls. Well, John became the victim of a girl’s hunting while he was in Mangalore for the inauguration ceremony of a jewellery shop. This is what happened that the girl simply bit the fingers of John.

In Mangalore, Abraham was there to inaugurate the jewellery shop and his bodyguards were there along with him. There was endless amount of fans were there to see him and majority was of the girls who seemed crazy for him. He had asked his bodyguard to be a bit lenient with the crowd and the fans took advantage of this leniency. John suddenly got a shock of his life when a girl came to him and shook hands and all of sudden took his hand to her mouth and bit the fingers. John then pushed the girls and put his hands in his pockets. Post this incident, he then did not took his hands out of his pockets and never shook hands with any of his fans.

Soon John then left the place and slipped into his car to avoid the crazy crowd there who turned madder when they watched the incident. One of John’s entourage, Muhammad Basheer told the media that the girl came to him and grabbed his hand and then all of sudden, she bit his fingers crazily. There was biggest crowd out there and the organizers did not have the police protection in place to control the crowd. The police in the area told that John’s personal security was not cooperative with them.

It is not new that any actor faced this kind of behavior from the crowd, often the stars stumble upon this kind of situation. The security must be in place to avoid the incidents of this ilk.

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