Aamir names his newborn while the Bachchan’s are still pondering

Bollywood couple Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao recently shared the joyous news of their newborn baby son a few days back. And on Friday night Aamir shared in his Facebook page that he has named his son Azad, after the great freedom fighter Maulana Azad. He said – “Hey guys, most excited to share with y’all that we have finally chosen a name for our baby boy… Azad. Azad Rao Khan. I left the final choice to Kiran, and she has named him after my great grand uncle Maulana Azad, the great freedom fighter, whom the family is most proud of. Azad means free or liberated. We want to thank everyone for their warm wishes and blessings, and needless to say we are absolutely overjoyed and feel most blessed. Much love. a.” on his Facebook page.

Aamir – Kiran’s son was born on the first of December through IVF surrogacy at a private clinic in Mumbai. The couple opted for IVF due to some medical complications. Aamir – Kiran tied the knot in the year 2005, and in the year 2009 Kiran got pregnant but had a miscarriage. However, now the couple feels blessed with their newborn.

On the other hand another Bollywood couple who are creating much hype since the pregnancy news is the Bachchan couple. It’s been around a month that Aishwarya gave birth to a baby girl, but the family did not yet came up with a name for their child. The family is still confused about the name options and is asking favor from their friends and fans. Abhishek Twitted about asking suggestions for his baby girl, and seems that they haven’t found the suitable name for their baby. Though Abhishek has taken a suggestion of one of his friends for primarily calling the girl as Bet B, but we wonder will the entire family keep on calling her by that name until they find a proper ‘name’ for the baby?? The baby is much talked about in the tinsel town and people are keeping busy to find out a name for that baby.

Some months before when Amitabh Bachchan twitted about the pregnancy news of Aishwarya, the news just spread out like the molten lava from a volcano. Over the next couple of hours this news was trending all over media. And then came the month of November and a new thing was trending – will Ash have her baby on 11/11/11? But sadly that dint happened and Baby Bachchan came to the world on 16th nov. The joyous father and grand father twitted about this news. But refused to reveal her picture, still the media is waiting to get the first glimpse of  Beti B and the Bachchan’s have already rejected offers of 5 crore for the first picture of Beti B. This baby has already taken the limelight and headlines, but isn’t the Bachchan’s pulling it too far, I mean, its ok that you have became parents for the first time but that doesn’t mean that you are the only person who became parents. There is always a closing line that has to be drawn at the particular time, and guess its time for the Bachchan’s to draw the line. At least take few tips and suggestions from Amir and Kiran.

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