Adnan upset with the association with Rahat’s case

New Delhi: The singer and composer Adnan Sami is feeling disturbed with the attempts that the Pakistani media is doing to associate his case with the one of the Pakistani singer Rahat Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, arrested earlier this month as soon as he landed on the Delhi airport, for carrying undeclared foreign currency.

The family members of Adnan in Pakistan and India have been disturbed by the press to obtain information about Adnan’s case. The singer stated that he is ‘doing just fine’ and is not appreciating the efforts of the press to bring up his name in the case of Rahat.

Adnan admitted that he too has had trouble with foreign exchange, but it was a completely different situation. In his case, he had done things perfectly right and legal, and the mistake was on behalf of the authorities, who did not bother to read the fine print. Rahat on the other hand was arrested by his own mistake.

Adnan is perfectly fine and in spite of all rumors, he is under any threat of leaving the country.

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