Aishwarya Rai appointed as international goodwill ambassador for UNAIDS

Mumbai: Aishwarya Rai, the women with super lavish beauty and sex appeal to rave big about, is the one Bollywood is no doubt famous around the globe. She is among those few Bollywood stars who make the world learn about the Hindi cinema. She is a real epitome of beauty. Although she has been away from the films due to her pregnancy and then after the birth of the daughter, but her fame nonetheless puts her on international front. Still she has not signed any movie (apparently and as per reports) but her advertisement raised the sparks recently when it was out for some jewelry product of India.

Rai has been appointed the international goodwill ambassador for the UNAIDS program. She is presently in the U.S. and on the eve of the 67th UN General Assembly, UN program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) has made her appointment as an international goodwill ambassador. It is really a big honor for the actress and India.

This new role will help her raise the awareness about the issues which are relevant for stopping the HIV infections found in the kids. Talking about this new job, the beautiful actress says that she is really honored being the ambassador for UNAIDS program. She goes on adding that it has been the concern to spread the awareness on the health matters relevant to ladies and the kids. She prays that no kid is born with HIV. She reveals that she will be doing her level best to accomplish this job with conviction.

On films front, Aishwarya these days keeps mum but it is certain and obvious that she cannot stay away from the glittery world of movies since due to this, she is known internationally. Whenever she returns, she will come up with a big bang.

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