Ajith’s big party

Mumbai: The latest rumors in the Bollywood film industry are that Vijay and Ajith have met on the sets of the picture ‘Mahkatha’. This took place quite recently and with this occasion the two have had some very serious discussions. As it appears, famous Ajith offered his personal trademark called Thala biryani to Vijay.

This took place on the sets, and as a reward for this unexpected offer, Vijay offered him a watch. The latest rumors around the town are related to the gossip that both of them, Ajith and Vijay, are interested in the same spot for Mankatha, respectively Velayudham.

What it is very interesting in this problem is the fact that Ajith offered biryani at his big party to the entire team of Velayudham, which are a total of over 250 people. Amongst the guest of Ajith’s big bash were the director Venkat Prabhu, but also Mahat, Ashwin Kakaumanu, Premji and Vaibhav.

As many may not know, Thala is an excellent cook, but also an expert in making the biryani.

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