Akshay Kumar’s son, molested or not?

Mumbai: Akshay Kumar has always been devoted to his family, and loves his wife and son more than anything in the world. He even went and had a tattoo done on his back, with his son’s name, Aarav.

A couple of days ago, Akshay, together with Twinkle and Aarav left home and went to visit at a family friend’s house, In Juhu, at The Grand Eastern Shores. While the actor was busy discussing with his friends, a security guard in the building was seen pinching Aarav’s buttocks.

Akshay could not take this abuse and slapped the guard, though the 35 years old man insisted he was only trying to save his son’s life, after he had rushed into the meter room. However, Akshay and Twinkle didn’t believe the story told by the guard, and the two got him fired.

The agency said that the man was only trying to stop the boy from entering the room, but he broke the role as he was strictly instructed not to touch any children or women, under no circumstances.

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