Alisa Khan accuses Rakhi Vohra of molestation

Debutant actress Alisa Khan has blamed co-star Rakhi Vohra of sexually abusing her in Kaula Lampur. Seems like co-stars Alisa Khan and Rakhi Vohra have taken the onus of their film’s publicity on themselves. Debutant actress Alisa has blamed her ‘My Husband’s Wife’ co-star Rakhi of molesting her while they were shooting for the film in Kaula Lampur. “When I was shooting for the movie, my co-actress, Rakhi Vohra suggested that we share the same suite in a five star hotel in Kuala Lumpur. I agreed to shift to her room because I thought I would have some company. However, I didn’t know what was awaiting me,” the debutant said. Adding to it she said, “Rakhi started getting fresh with me. She started stripping and chasing me stark naked. When I protested, she locked me inside the room and went for the shoot alone. It was only after I called up Pawan and the producer Vinodji that they pleaded with Rakhi to give them the keys.” After this incident, the producer of this film Vinod Chhabra shifted the duo to different rooms. What a mess this is. God she’s horny come hungry 😛

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