Am not crazy about awards – Proudly claims Salman !

Salman Khan, the all time favorite of all bollywood fans, is well known for a great career record in the industry. Revolving around the industry for almost 23 years now, he has delivered his exuberant and influential acting in a lot of movies. Salman has earned fans of all age groups and he proudly says that it is one of the biggest awards for him. Salman is a person who is not so fond of awards and gifts, but all that he relies on is the recognition he gets among the audience. When he is screen, it is sure that the theatres are houseful for weeks and months together. For an actor, this is the main and foremost recognition to gain. He always asks his producers not to nominate his name for any awards, as he feels that it is not his cup of chaai. More informative news is that Salman wholeheartedly gives out each of his hard earned pennies to a charitable trust, ‘Being Human’. In his 23 years of career, he won his first award for the movie Dabangg, which was released in 2010. Salman is now busy with his milestone venture in his he has took all new role of a super-hero. With his present interest being gaining child fans, he has busily involved himself in the improvisations and makeover of the story. Sources claim that children can soon expect a lion-hearted super man. Producer Sohail Khan reveals the main key of the film, that Salman is not going to be a air flyer on this movie, but to give a total contrast image to a super man, he is going to be a romantic person flirting out for love. I am sure this is going to be a great treat, not only for kids, but for all Salman fans.

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