Amit Kumar says Kishore Kumar would’ve gone mad if listen today’s songs

Mumbai: Today is the 83rd birthday anniversary of the legendary music genius singer Kishore Kumar and his millions of fans are celebrating and remembering the brilliant singer around the globe. Amit Kumar, the son of Kishore Da, reveals that had his father been alive today, he would not have liked the song being composed today.

Amit was talking to the media on his father’s 83rd birthday anniversary (which is today 4th August). He says that he misses his father a lot. Amit adds that he keeps missing him daily and his day does not start without remembering and missing the legendary singer.

Amit Kumar expresses that whenever he sits to compose something, he remembers his father. Amit then adds that his father used to tell them that when he was gone, you all would remember him. Then Kishore told them that even you would see his glimpses in others but you all would not be able to find him.

Amit Kumar says that he is much proud of being Kishore Kumar’s son. Kishore Kumar is the one singer even today all the singers copy his style and try to follow the lines Kishore used to sing on. Even today, whenever anyone wants to give reference of singing, Kishore Kumar’s name is mentioned. He was not only a singer but also a musician, actor, director, lyricist and producer.

His entire family gathered at Kishore Kumar’s bungalow in Juhu, Mumbai today to celebrate his 83rd birthday anniversary. He was such a genius that no singer can be his clone. He was versatile and he gave many innovations to music and singing. His yodeling is what – no one can do even today’s talented singer cannot do as well.

Kishore Da’s songs will help him live forever in the hearts of his fans.

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