Amitabh Bachchan to undergo stomach surgery on 11th February

Mumbai: Amitabh Bachchan, the legendary actor of international fame, is all set to undergo the stomach surgery on 11th February in Mumbai. The specialized doctors’ team will do this surgery of Mr. Bachchan, who has earlier undergone stomach surgeries in the past as well. About his surgery, Bachchan himself revealed to his fans while being on Twitter earlier today.

Amitabh did not reveal about what kind of surgery this would be which is to happen on 11th this month but did refer to his stomach as ‘battle ground’. He went on saying that his stomach (war zone) has been creating problems for him since long. He told that he did not have the ailment-free body.

Around 6 years back, Bachchan suffered bad stomach problems and then underwent abdominal surgery. Prior to the surgery, it has been reported that he would undergo CT scan first. The reports further say that Bachchan previously had stomach ailments in yesteryears. It is said that his stomach conditions got worse post his severe accident on the sets of Coolie way back in 1982. The entire nation had united and prayed for his health, Bachchan recovered and thanked to the whole country.

Six years back, when Amitabh had abdominal surgery, the nation got united again and prayed for the mega star’s health. Indians even the world audience love this giant size personality of Bollywood trade and whenever he comes in trouble, people gets united and pray for his health. Over the twitter today after he announced his surgery news, the fans started showing their concern to him.

The mega star is quite lucky that he is supremely loved by the people around the world. And the sheer love by the masses is due to his humble and loving nature apart from his stardom. May you be healthy always and live long, Mr. Bachchan.

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