Anjana Sukhani says actresses can never be good pals

Mumbai: The very gorgeous and luminous gal of the Bollywood brigade, Anjana Sukhani, who possesses good skills of acting but she still could not generate the deserving place in Bollywood so far, has lately filmed for an item number for Priyadarshan’s movie ‘Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal’. She utters the whole experience of the item song she shot with Priyan.

Anjana says that the item number is a full entertainer as the movie is based around the entertainment stuff. It is a situational comedy. After doing this item song, Sukhani too has joined in the brigade of item songs specialist girls of tinsel town. When she is asked whether she thinks that any gal can doll up an item number today? She responds, it appears to be much easy to raise a finger on anyone when the item song does not do well with the masses. But why the people all of sudden ignore the hard work consumed on the making of an item number?

When asked can the actresses be good pals. She tells that the actresses can chill out together and hang out but they can never be good friends at all since at the end of the day they are each others’ competitors.

The rumors about Anjana Sukhani’s getting upset with Ram Gopal Verma have been making the rounds of the media. For this she says there is nothing of this sort that she is upset with Ramu but the fact remains that she is upset with the matter that he promoted the item girl only and very largely but did not the actors who put themselves fully into the film.

Well, Anjana says it right and her point is valid. Ramu only promoted the item gal and he did so in a manner as if she was the heroine of the movie.

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