Anjana Sukhani’s character in Maximum based on Urmila Mantondkar

Mumbai: Sonu Sood and Neha Dhupia’s upcoming film ‘Maximum’ keeps on grabbing the news chunks. The movie is in talks. Sonu Sood’s turning to action, Neha Dhupia’s turning to deglam avatar and the movie’s subject of an encounter specialist cop, etc – this all puts the movie into notice.

But not many are aware of the fact that Sonu Sood starrer Maximum is apparently based around the life of encounter police officer Pradeep Sharma. The sources say that the director and actor have taken Pradeep Sharma into confidence to extract the details from his life. Another interesting thing about the film is that there is a character in the movie which is based on a hot actress of Bollywood, who shot to fame in 1990s era with a musical film of Ram Gopal Verma.

The source also adds that there is certainly so much about the filmdom in Maximum. Anjana Sukhani has been roped in to enact the role of Urvashi, which is based on the hot leading actress of 1990s and 2000s era. Anjana is depicted as that actress in Maximum. Since that actress had the seductive and sensuous image on celluloid, Anjana has been portrayed accordingly. Well, this hot actress is none other than Urmila Mantondkar.

When asked Anjana, she responds that she does not know about whose character her role is based on in the movie but yes, she is playing the role of a hot actress called Urvashi.

The source continues telling that the makers of the film are really shy in displaying the truth and they do not want to mention the name of Urmila Mantonkar (which character Anjana is playing). And they also do not want to mention about the politicians and the cops’ characters in the movie. Vinay Pathak plays a politician and this role is based on Kripa Shankar Singh.

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