Anupam Kher Speaks for Anna

Mumbai: Anupam Kher is a veteran actor, and his acting credibility and association with the Indian film industry has earned him respect. Anupam Kher has stood up for a lot of social causes and has become a face for many a noble cause and charity. With Anna Hazare becoming a symbol for all anti corruption movements in recent India, a lot of celebrities and people from different walks of society have expressed their support for Anna Hazare.  His anti corruption bill though remained a debatable issue, his intentions of eradicating corruption has been appreciated by the citizens of India.

Participation in candle light marches and walks to spread his message of anti corruption has become a much common phenomenon, and Mumbai is also facing its share of activities. Anupan Kher told reports that he feels the Government is acting defensive and rejecting Anna’s pleas without much consideration. The actor feels that the government is considering the anti corruption as a means of rebellion towards the government. The government should be more open minded when dealing with such issues and should think of the long term goals rather than snubbing such extreme efforts undertaken by a commoner.

Anupam Kher also feels that the government is misleading a certain section of the population,and under a wrong notion that with time the protestors of the corruption lead by team Anna Hazare would lose their energy and subtle down. On the other hand, the actor thinks that such efforts are a rarity in today’s self centered and corrupted India. One needs to be supportive of the truth and raise a voice against all corrupt practices. If we don’t do anything then there is no point complaining. Anupam Kher was also moved by the response of the youth towards the movement and overwhelmed by the support team Anna has gathered in a short span of time.

The stalwarts of the film industry has showed their participation and the support of Anupam Kher helps to re establish the fact that on certain issues the country stands united, and the fight against corruption is one such issue. The actor added that his family had inculcated good moral values in him from childhood and he feels that the cause gave a rebirth to his preference to truth. The flags fluttering in the MMRDA grounds in Mumbai and the youth of the city expressing their support with their enthusiasm and presence made it an over whelming experience for the actor.

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