Asin – dusky beauty far away from catfights

Mumbai: The dusky beauty of south and Bollywood filmdom, Asin, who made the entertainment career on her own abilities, is the one babe who always plays safe and clean in film industry whether it be regional cinema or Hindi cinema. She tries to be far away from the catfights normally happen between the actresses of the entertainment abode. In her career, you cannot name any catfight, she has been a part of it.

Asin is now all geared up for her next mega project, ‘Housefull 2’ directed by Sajid Khan and in which she stars along with other B-Town babes Jacqueline Fernandez and Shazahn Padamsee. On this, the gorgeous actress says that she has no issues or problems at all working and sharing the screen space with other actresses in a film.

She goes on saying that she is a secure person and she does not think that others can affect her career. Asin is of the view that if you are confident and have full faith on your skills, no one can harm you in any manner. Asin utters she does not have any ego problems. Then she points out that multi starrer are very rarely happen in regional film industry, so when she got a chance to work in one in north (Bollywood), she could not help signing the movie at once.

Normally when actresses work in a same film together, we witness the catfights as jealously begins happening among them. But with Asin, there did not happen anything of this sort on the sets rather they all are true buddies now.

When asked if you would go for more multi-starrers, she says it depends on the nature on the project since she wants her audience to get pleasures from her movies, so if a venture comes with a pleasurable script, why not?

Currently she is shooting for a movie with Ajay Devgan and Abhishek Bachchan directed by Rohit Shetty.

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