Bachchans offered Rs. 5 crores for Aishwaray Rai’s baby pictures

Ever since Aishwarya Rai gave birth to baby girl on November 16, the media has been after the Bachchans like crazy to fetch in the pictures of the newborn. But the Bachchans have been denying issuing the pictures of Beti B to the media. But on their part, media does not want to leave the matter as it is! They have been on way to give the mammoth offers for the pictures to Bachchans. And apparently it seems that the denial is being done by the Bachchans to raise the price for the pictures. This is a time and tested trick often played by the celebrities.

The Indian media and the international media have been approaching to Bachchan family for the pictures and asking them for the deal but still the family maintains the same stand ‘saying this is too personal’.

As per the reports, two international magazines have approached to Bachchan family with the giant deal to buy the rights for the pictures of the newborn. Reportedly the deal is in crores. Our little birdie told us that each of the two magazines offered around Rs. 5 crores for the pictures’ exclusive rights.

Bachchans have neither refused nor responded to the offer yet. But it seems, there must come out some good news out of this offer. After all, this is a matter of big money.

The media is adamant to grab the pictures of the baby which is why they have been in complete contact with the Bachchan family. There are expectations and hopes, the media has, that the family at last will agree with issuing the pictures. The fans of this family too are certain that the day is around the corner when the pictures would be out in the media.

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