‘Beti B’ Tweets Flood Twitter

It was in the mid of June last year when Big B broke the news of Aishwarya’s pregnancy to the world on a social networking site. A tweet from the Shahenshah himself put all speculations to rest and we knew that finally AB’s baby was going to have his own baby! Little did Senior Bachchan think while tweeting that Abhi-Ash’s baby would be a star overnight, even before she was born. Media hypes, publicity gimmicks followed and covering the Bachchans almost became everyone’s staple diet.

After months of anticipation, finally the D day arrived. On 17th of November, 2011, Aishwarya gave birth to a beautiful little girl at the Seven Hills Hospital, Mumbai. The family welcomed the delicate addition to the family with open arms and greetings followed suit. Newspapers, channels, magazines, radio, as well as the Internet flooded with search of the new born: its pictures, its name, everything. None of it was known. The Bachchans hid every other fact about the baby girl from the Media, allowing not even an inch of a page to be written about it.

Unaware of the baby girl’s name, people tagged her as Beti B, creating a trend on Twitter within seconds. Since then, everything had mellowed down till one fine day. A day when rumours started flying like the sand in a holocaust suggesting Beti B had been named! Yes, Abhishek had previously mentioned that they had eyed down few names, and nailed the one which had a Double ‘A’! People kept on their guess works on. From Aabhilasha, Aaradhna to Aaliyah, the list was endless.

Breaking the jinx, a source reveals that Beti B has been named. ‘Aaradhya Bachchan’, as she is named will be made official within a few days; with the Bachchan family neither confirming nor denying the news. “Aaradhya” is derived out of a Sanskrit word which means one who is worshipped, particularly apt for the obviously adored Bachchan baby girl. The Bachchan’s reportedly registered the baby’s name several days ago.

Soon after the statement, the new name started trending nationwide with people even passing snide remarks at the same.
While some were happy that Beti B had been named, some were happy that the event would put a full stop to the immense mass hysteria over the baby. And some felt Aaradhya was mostly a name used for boys. Well, expect Abhi-Ash to deliver everything the unusually tread ways!

But the best thing is: the people can finally stop calling her Beti B!

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