Big B hit it again

The career on the silver screen of Amitabh Bachchan was revitalized over a decade ago by an unusual phenomenon, which is once again occurring and grabbing the attention of all viewers all over India. The audience it is receiving is without precedent.

The KBC (IV) format has been shortened this time, and the first question now starts at Rs. 5,000. Another small change, the introduction of Ghadial Babu, crept into the players as a sense of urgency. Amitabh, or Big B, as he is familiarly known all over India, showed just how charismatic he can be, and made all the viewers stay on the edge of their seats for the entire night. All the KBC one liners were trying to hit the right note and the audience was higher than ever.

It seems that KBC has revived the TRPs of Sony brilliantly. The today icons and action heroes had nothing more to do than lay back and watch the maestro Mr. Bachchan in action. We do hope that Big B will be coming back next season with an even higher audience.

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