Bipasha Basu chilling out with pals in Cyprus

Cyprus: The sultry-steamy Bipasha Basu, the babe with whom every man wants to date, is in Cyprus these days. She is enjoying the beauty, architecture, culture and food of the Medditerarian over there with her pals. The whole gang of friends is on party and they are extracting the joys out of this trip fully. Shopping, swimming, traveling and night outs – all are on their cards which Bips and company are loving it all.

A close source reveals that Bipasha Basu along with friends is at a villa where they eat healthy, go gymming-swimming and then partying. Bips’ diet plan over there consists of omletes, salads, tuna sandwiches and fish.

Bipasha is enjoying eating a lot of sweets not caring about the fact that they can increase her weight. The Turkish sweets such as Baklava and Muhallebi are the ones she is pouring herself on fully. They calories from the sweets, Bips is burning them through two hours’ swimming session daily. She also goes for work outs at gym to maintain her body structure since she is to start the shooting Race 2 in Istanbul very soon once she is over from her holidaying in Cyprus.

Wow! A great way to enjoy vacations fully and then maintain the figure as well. There are reports that Saif Ali Khan too is in Greece for the shooting of Race 2, he will join in Bipasha Basu in Istanbul for the next leg of 40 days shoot there. Kareena gets worried due to the presence of his ex-flame Bips around her. Some of the buzz being spread in the media and some close pals whispered into her ears as well thus this all made her super worried for her man. She now plans to land in Greece soon once she is over with Heroine’s shoot and endorsements in India.

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