Bipasha Basu is a Lady Gunda

Mumbai: Bipasha Basu, the sultry and seductress of Bollywood cinema, is the one who is utter hot and always fetches in a big limelight for her spicy stories and the films she does. Her affairs too put her on the headlines. Basu was nicknamed by the industry ‘Bong Bombshell’ by the time she entered into the industry and she still carries the same name. Well, now a new name has been tagged to this bombshell – this is ‘Lady Gunda’ and this nicknamed was labeled for her during her school days but in today’s time, it was once again endowed to her.

The sources reveal the secrets about some never-heard before gossips about this bombshell beauty of Bollywood. The tag of Lady Gunda was given to Bipasha on the sets of Aatma – Feel it Around You. This was what happened that the film director Suparn Verma called Bipasha with the name of ‘Lady Gunda’ by seeing her naughty pranks and tom boyish stunts.

Getting this tag from the director was not new at all for the actress as she has been referred to it since her childhood. The sources then add that seeing Basu’s bindaas attitude the director of the movie called her with the name of ‘gunda’ and at that time it was revealed to him and the others on the sets that in her school days she was called ‘lady gunda’. The students even the seniors boys used to be scared of her. Listening this, everyone on the sets got scared of her and her pranks.

Aatma – Feel it Around You is a supernatural thriller that also stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui in lead role. He got fame from the movies like Kahaani and Gangs of Wasseypur 1 and 2. Bipasha is super excited for the film and she really needs hits now to move her career on.

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