Bipasha Basu roped in another horror film ‘Aatma’

Mumbai: Bipasha Basu, the sultry babe of the tinsel town is also called the actress laced with seductive looks, has been signed in a horror film ‘Aatma’. The reports have it that it is Bipasha’s career’s fourth horror film till date. Her first horror movie was ‘Raaz’ (2002) then came in Rakht (2004) and she is presently working in Bhatt’s Raaz 3 with Emraan Hashmi. Aatma is her fourth horror movie. They say that horror movies play well with Bips since these films run well at the box office.

In this film, she plays a woman who bumps into a spirit. Supran Verma is directing this film and Kumar Mangat is the producer of the movie. Sources claim that the movie will be laced with astonishing twist in the climax which the viewers will like the most. Only the actress (Bipasha), director and the producer have the complete script lying with them, the rest of the cast of the film has been provided the script which does not have the final ten pages. This creates big confusion for the cast of the film.

To show off the realism, the director of the movie is filming the flick on the 21st floor of a building situated in Andheri area in Mumbai. Bipasha is super excited as she is presently working in two horror films – one opposite with Hashmi (titled Raaz 3) and other is Aatma. Bipasha’a career graph may see the heights once again if both of these movies or one of them runs at the box office.

She has recently revealed that she has got much closer to her Hollywood film co-star Josh. And she admits she loves being in his company. Bollywood actresses have started turning to foreigners – Celina Jailtely married to an Australian and produced a baby from him, Kangna Ranaut is dating an English doctor and now Bipasha Basu is reportedly and apparently dating Josh, Hollywood actor.

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