Bipasha Basu talks about her bikini secret and glamorous side

Bipasha Basu is on cloud nine these days. Well, she is certainly! This is because she is looking forward to her biggest lavish release ‘Players’ directed by Abbas-Mustan, the men in white who are famous for making the lush thrillers.

Bipasha’s film career had started with Abbas-Mustan’s Ajnabee and now it is her third film with the directors’ duo and she feels super excited working for the third time with them. She admitted that she would not have been an actress if Abbas-Mustan had not zeroed in Ajnabee. She revealed that the duo respected her a lot and always gave her the true treatment whenever she worked with them. Basu mentioned that in a decade’s time, they (Basu and Abbas-Mustan) have developed trust in each other and this was what made them swift in the works.

Abbas-Mustan always believe that Bipasha is their lucky charm that is the reason they fetched her in their projects post Ajnabee.

During the shooting of the movie, the sexy-dusky beauty got stalked in Russia and she said in an interview that she got hugely scared of the Russian men since they were big and pale.

In Players, Bipasha wore a revealing bikini and when asked about the glamorous side to her, she responded that she always did what fitted to the role. She mentioned that she even did the de-glam roles in Aakrosh and Lamhaa. And when it comes to glamour, she goes utterly wild thus she wore the bikini in Players, as the movie is a swift thriller and the scene demanded so she did so.

Bips also pointed out that she refused slipping into bikini in Dum Maaro Dum when she was asked to wear. She denied wearing as it was forced not the demand of the scene. Bipasha clearly mentions though she is tagged as sexy and wild but she does what suits to the character.

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