Bipasha Basu to celebrate birthday for 11 days consecutively

The dusky and super-duper sexy actress of Bollywood fraternity Bipasha Basu is these days quite excited for the upcoming lavish film, ‘Players’. The excitement is valid since the babe is playing the much important role in the film which is marvelously glamorous and powerful.

The steamy bombshell is reportedly going to celebrate her birthday for continuous 11 days by next month. Well, if the ex-boyfriend is going to get married with new gal in arms by next year, the past girlfriend too has plans to make the celebration of her birthday for 11 days and that too lavishly.

She is going to turn one year old. The babe is hiding her age from the public. Well, women always do and she has more reasons to hide because she is turning old (we all know, as she has been in the industry for many years and whether you hide the age or not, the face tells the truth always).

Her birthday is on January 7th. Talking about her birthday plans, Basu told the media that she would be traveling a lot for the promotional activities of the movie ‘Players’ from December 26 to January 7th and she has to attend the premiere of the movie in London on 5th to 7th January. Thus she has told the producer of the film to make the celebrations of her birthday for 11 days in a row.

Bipasha also revealed that she loved to be pampered on her birthday and liked to be gifted. She told that she had plans with Abhishek and Sikander for birthday celebrations and we all would be having a big party on the occasion.

On January 7th, she will return to India where she again celebrates the birthday with her family members. What the plans for the birthday, this year?

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