Bittoo Boss doesn’t have similarities with Band Baaja Baaraat: Pulkit Samrat

Mumbai: Bittoo Boss is much high with the entertainment dose among the audiences prior to release due to the promos and the film’s songs. The promos, which depict the characters saying the double meaning words like ‘Bittoo Sabke Lega’, ‘Bittoo Meri Bi Le’, etc, have made the low-budgeted movie quite popular among the cine aficionados even before the release. The apt marketing gimmick was used and that worked big time to create the mammoth hype of the movie. Thus one thing is now sure – whether or not the movie runs at the box office, it will certainly witness a good turn of the people in cinemas on the opening day.

The film has landed into a controversy – that it holds comparisons with Ysah Raj Films’ Band Baaja Baaraat. Well, apparently the comparisons seem to be okay since many things are common in both the flicks. But the leading hero of the movie Pulkit Samrat denies it all.

Raveer Singh had played the character of ‘Bittoo’ in Band Baaja Baaraat and the film got much popular due to the Punjabi weddings and Delhi vocabulary.  And the upcoming Bittoo Boss too carries the same concept of weddings. But Pulkit is not ready to admit it rather he clarifies the things saying that the comparisons being made in between the two movies are not true though both are based on weddings and Punjabi vocabulary. He says that both movies have Punjabi flavor and Punjabi color attached to them. Samrat goes on saying that watching Bittoo Boss, the audiences will be reminded of Yash Raj’s BBB but he does not care about it at all.

Pulkit then utters that Ranveer played brilliantly in the movie and people would certainly love my acting skills as well. Samrat then reveals that Ranveer played Bittoo and he too played the role of Bittoo. So you cannot say that the idea was stolen as it is a Punjabi name and very common. He then unzips that Ranveer enacted a londa (boy) from Delhi, a city whereas he plays Pind ka londa (a village’s guy) and this is the difference.

Well, Pulkit where you are admitting all the similarities of both movie, why don’t you openly admit that Bittoo Boss and Band Baaja Baaraat have comparisons?

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