Bollywood’s Penchant for ‘Ooh La La’

 Who can forget great hit numbers. Once a film or a tune connects well with movie lovers, many film makers include in their films to score an instant hit. Looks like even Bollywood film makers are smitten by lines ‘Olala Olala’ in the hit song from Vidya Balan’s ‘Dirty Picture’. Though Vidya Balan captivated everyone with her acting, many thronged the film as she sprang a surprise becoming an erotic beauty from a tempting traditional girl.Movie lovers are unable to forget Voluptuous Vidya Balan luring Naseeruddin Shah in the song and even Bollywood is unable to come out of is love for the number.

Now Ali Jafar is including the same lines for his upcoming film ‘London Paris New York’. He claims his song was even before the release of ‘Dirty Picture’ saying “I had actually put together this song much before Ooh la la from The Dirty Picture started making waves. In any case, our song is totally different. It is set in Paris and is basically inspired by a phrase Parisians commonly use: Ooh la la. When you hear the song, you’ll see that it has a completely different identity.”

Even sources who got the opportunity to listen to the song vouch for it.  They say while ‘Ooh la la’ of ‘Dirty Picture’ bought back memories of 1980’s as the film was made based on South Indian sexy siren Silk Smitha, Ali Jafar is tuning a contemporary and modern version of the song using ‘Ooh La La’. Interesting part is Hadiya Kiyani and Sanam Marvi, singers from Pakistan are rendering their melodious voice for the song. Ali Jaffer himself composed and tuned the song. Lets wait and listen to Ali’s number and the magic it creates before coming to conclusion and passing our judgement on the song.

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