Bollywood’s Real Life Baddies

Film and glamor industry will bring name and fame. That is the reason why many aspire for an acting career so that they can shine and glitter especially in bollywood. But what they don’t realise is along with stardom even sparks flow in high voltage high tension vitated atmosphere with so many ego clashes. Bollywood is famous for that and all its top reel life heroes who bash baddies on screen in turn become reel life baddies. Many top personalities forget those incidents and move ahead but some keep them in mind not to reach any sort of compromise. The most famous incident is Sharukh Khan slapping Faraha Khan’s husband Sirish Kunder for going hammer and tongs on his blockbuster ‘Ra.One’. King Khan never believed Farah the moment she casted his sworn rival Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar in ‘Tees Maar Khan’. But those two buried their hatchet and became good friends.

Another most famous incident is Salman Khan and Sharukh Khan coming to body blows involving bollywood bomb Katrina Kaif in 2008. Till now both of them don’t see eye to eye and no one exactly knew what happened in that party though many versions came in. Salman also became sworn enemy of Vivek Oberoi with Vivek even going to the extent of organising press conference in 2003 alleging an ineberated Salman threatened to kill him in his house calling him 41 times. Both of them were ex boy friends of Former Miss Universe Aishwarya Rai who is happily married to Abhishek. Salman till now never accepted Vivek’s apologies. This only shows that reel life hero becomes real life villian and a notorious silver screen villain may become famous social worker. Fans better make judicious distinction in blindly following their matinee idols so that others don’t make fun of their heroes.

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