Celebrating Nepali legends

Kathmandu: As the famous celebration for the Republic Day is approaching rapidly, the entire India is eager and getting ready to celebrate!

For the Republic Day, Bollywood also has some ideas on how to get the celebration started. But it’s not all about partying. In Indian Embassy in Kathmandu has already commissioned a documentary, entitled “Rainbow over Mumbai”, meant to pay a tribute to the seven magical Nepali legends in Mumbai.

Low profile stars are included amongst these. The art director Anjan Gagurel and camera artist Basanta Karmacharya are included.

The relationship between Nepal and India go back a long time, and is valued greatly by both countries. So, for their relations and for the six to seven million Nepalese in India, for the contributions Nepal made to the culture and economy of India, the celebration this year will revolve a little more around the country, according to Apoorva Srivastava, spokesperson from the embassy.

This is all made to express the appreciation India bears for Nepal. Happy celebration to everyone!

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