Censor Board Ignores Sonam’s Middle Finger Act

The censor board seems to be getting stricter with the passing movie especially with small time film makers. It seems these film makers have all the right to be mad at the censor board for harassing them. Bigger players get away with almost anything and everything and this seems to hurt the sentiments of small film makers. The fact has been proved now and again the most recent example of which is the censor boards passing Sonam Kapoor’s middle finger act in the Abbas-Mastan thriller ‘Players’.

The scene being spoken of here is an action sequence in the movie where the actress is driving fast car. The next shot depicts her parking the vehicle in a pretty small space with a smartness to die for. Once done she sticks out her middle finger and shows it off to a person invisible to the camera. Though one might feel that it is merely a fun gesture the censor board has been pretty hard on fim makers since the middle finger act came into place. The censor board seemed to have passed this without any glitches and what’s more the act is now part of the promo on telecast.

If you look around this isn’t actually the first time that an act like this has been passed through the censor board without any edits. If you have seen the on air promotions of Ranbir Kapoor starrer ‘Rockstar’ you will note Ranbir doing a middle finger gesture in front of a huge crowd.

“While the one in ‘Players’ is still meant to be funny and naughty, ‘Rockstar’ act has Ranbir seemingly in an offensive mode and carries a rather angry expression. While the makers as well as the actors seem to be totally convinced about what they are doing on screen, guess the authorities too are fine with these sequences being aired on prime time,” quoted a filmmaker on terms of being unnamed, “However what is surprising is that when it comes to smaller films where makers don’t really come with much power and authority to fight back, guidelines are followed much more stringently.”

A similar event occurred with a song featured on Rakhi Sawant for the movie Loot. Many objectionable words of the lyrics had to be muted coz of the censor board’s advice. Another incident saw the promotions of a Hrishita Bhatt production Shakal Pe Mat Ja being edited coz of the censor board’s objections.

“John Abraham and Deepika Padukone can get away with murder by terming their obscene gestures as cute in ‘Jhak Maar Ke ‘ [Desi Boyz]. However others are not too lucky,” stated another filmmaker.

It’s time we started wondering if movies like ‘Players’, ‘Rockstar’ and ‘Desi Boyz’ need a second look by the censor board.

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