Kailash Kher’s Tribute to the Master Blaster

Mumbai: Fans all around the world and especially in India could not get over the Master Blaster magic as he scored his 100th 100 in ODIs against Bangladesh.  Then with this entire craze around the very humble and extremely talented Sachin Tendulkar, how can we expect the Indian entertainment industry miss out on it. While Lata Mangeshkar never left a single chance at letting fans know that how much she adored Sachin and would like to see him score well, Kailash Kher went a step ahead and have decided to compose some exclusive music as a part of his plans on paying tribute to the national sports treasure, Sachin Tendulkar.

Recently, Kailash Kher was involved in a live performance in the Asia Cup cricket match that took place in Bangladesh and was played in between India and the neighbor, Pakistan. Of course the match had its own share of charms with budding cricketer Viraat Kohli scoring a smooth 183 runs and India defeating Pakistan. But the performance too drew a section of the crowd to the grounds. Kailash Kher is a very accomplished singer famous mainly for his contribution to modern, rather, revived Sufi music. His albums Kailasha and Rangeele and many more top the Indian charts for music sales.

This March 19th event arranged for Kailash’s meeting the man himself, Tendulkar, for the 1st time and that too during an iconic phase where he had scored the record 100 just 2 days earlier. Just like anyone else whoo gets the opportunity to meet Sachin, Kailash was left speechless with the star’s humble attitude eand behavior. So much so that now Kailash hopes to pay a musical tribute to the man for his extraordinary achievements and his human nature.  He also went ahead to saying that as the word “kailash” means Mountain, Sachin is the mountain is the sphere of cricket and the glory that is bestowed upon him is nothing compared to what he deserves. At the match, the Kailash crew performed a song “Hausla Buland” and Kher says that it’s the reality of everyday life where we must be brave and not fear the impossible. The number has been a joint effort by famous lyricist Javed Akhtar, and composers Kher, Naresh and Paresh.  It is already very popular among the mass.

Kailash Kher said it was an exhilarating experience and the tribute to the batsman will be an emotional one.

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