Corporate changed moviemaking in India – Subhash Ghai

Mumbai: The veteran movie maker from tinsel town, none other than the famous Subhash Ghai said in a recent statement that the corporate have in fact modified the economics of movie making. The film maker has been in the industry for almost 35 years now and he really feels that the money demanded by the stars as well as the production fees have gone too much up, making this way most of the film makers to run into losses.

In a recent interview granted to IANS the famous film maker said that these past few years the corporate firms have made their entrance in the movie industry and therefore the cost of stars as well as the cost of production have witnesses a drastic jump. In the past, the medium amount that a movie star would receive was somewhere around Rs 3 for a flick, but now the salary has gone up to Rs 30 crore. “These big companies changed the grammar of business,” Ghai stated.

“There’s a lot of rivalry and to make happy the investors, film producer used to say, ‘See we are working with a Khan’. The economics went for a roller-coaster ride and subsequent to an inequity, film producers suffered quite a few losses. Now, all the movie producers are running into losses due to the fact that they played it the wrong manner. The pressure of a star on a film maker is too high,” wanted to add the 66-year-old.

This year, the number of newcomers to the industry was maximum, mainly because of the fact that not all producers can afford to do an expensive film and that is why they decided to turn to the newcomers to the industry, explains the B-town film maker. “I would call this the year of new talent and you will see some new stars in 2012,” Subhash Ghai said.

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