Dadagiri sets the battle between women and men

Mumbai: The latest season of Dadagiri is set to bring a new and exciting subject. This is the battle between girls and boys which is a totally different concept very much different from Roadies. The contestants from the show must look just like dada.

They are required to be street smart and have to face hard tasks in order to judge their limits. The host of the show will be none other than actor Amit Tandon. In a recent interview he said that during the show we will have the opportunity of seeing ‘14 Dolly Bindras at the same time’.

The show will have two teams of seven members each. It is going to be very interesting to see the seven lovely girls competing against the team of seven boys in several hard tasks. Regarding the show, the host Amit Tandon wanted to say that he does not like when girls use bad language on the show, but he is not in the place of judging, as it is a free country.

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