Daler Mehdi sings a special song for Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi

Haryana: The film Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi has been in news. And the newcomer Rakesh Mehta has made  his directorial debut with this flick. The songs of the movie have been completed now. And the super famous electrifying singer Daler Mehdi has rendered a special song for this film album. Rakesh wanted Daler desperately and he approached him with the song’s offer and luckily Daler accepted the offer and lent his vocals for the song.

The number sung by Daler Mehdi is ‘Mein Haryane Ka Sher’. The film’s concept is based around the police inspector’s character from Haryana. Manu Rishi is playing the same in the movie. The lyrics have been penned very creatively for this song to go aptly with the feel of the pivotal character of the film. After the song has been recorded and the final product oozed out brilliant, Rakesh showed his excitement on the track. He said that Daler Mehdi was the fit choice for this track and by the time the number was being written, the name of Daler was in mind. In North India, Daler Mehdi happens to be the most heard singer. Thus his voice will be a true value addition in film’s album and movie’s worth among the masses in particular over there in Haryana.

Mehta is quite certain that once the song was out, it will turn up the biggest chartbuster of all the channels and people would be found humming it around everywhere. It is also seen that whenever Daler Mehdi comes up with a song, it turns chartbuster and people would love to hum it. Rakesh says that among the Jatt family of Haryana, the song will be most popular. It has been learnt that the music of the film, as it is ready, will be launched soon in a specially arranged party.

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