Deepika Padukone leaves Race2 – Kumar Taurani is upset and angry

Mumbai: Deepika Padukone has detached herself from the cast of Tips Industries’ production ‘Race 2’. She is no more on the star cast of the movie now. The producer Ramesh Taurani is quite fumed and upset with the wrongdoing of Deepika, who all of a sudden, when the shooting of the movie has already been started, dropped the film. Padukone has done this action after she got a giant opportunity to do a big Hollywood film. The mouth-watering offer from the world’s biggest entertainment industry simply made Deepika crazy that she instantly left Race 2 and signed the Hollywood venture.

Kumar Taurani is angry with Deepika’s behavior that she did not even apologize for her stern action. Describing about the incident when he himself went to meet her on the sets of a film shoot, Kumar said that he arrived there but she even simply turned down listening him. Taurani uttered that she even did not apologize about her hasty decision of leaving the movie. Tips owner then said that he did not see any kind of regret on her face. Taurani said that due to her action, he was now facing the worst crisis for the very first time in his long career of Bollywood.

Kumar went on saying that he had been associated with Bollywood for last 25 years and he made many blockbusters in this period but he never ever faced this ilk of situation earlier in his career. Taurani then revealed that because of Deepika, the film suffered a lot and the directors and the cast of the film were not happy with her sudden decision.

He added that Tips did not face any dispute of this kind with any actor in last 25 years. He continued in the same breath saying that it would really be not good if the matter went to legalities.

The reports say that Deepika, who shot for the movie for a week, dropped the film all of a sudden by the time she was approached by a Hollywood filmmaker. Kumar said that even he was the last one who came to know about her decision of leaving the project.

He narrated one incident that how people were calling him inquiring whether Deepika had left Race 2? He said he called her then and she said that she would have a meeting with him tomorrow by 5 p.m. And next day, she called at 3 p.m. and said sorry that she would not be able to make it so her new manager would come and talk on her behalf. The manager announced that she would not do the film now.

Sonakshi Sinha had left the film earlier but she did not do in the worst manner, Deepika had done.

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