Deepika Padukone says Indian bodies aren’t fit for bikini

Mumbai: Steamy and leggy beauty Deepika Padukone has said in an interview that the Indian bodies are not fit and do not suite to bikinis. Deepika Padukone will be showing off her body in bikini in her upcoming film ‘Cocktail’.

Deepika, though has filmed the scene wearing the two-piece, says that Indian body type is not at all naturally suited for this outfit. She utters that she wishes it was much easier and natural but having an Indian body, it was not naturally perfect. Padukone reveals that if Indian gals want to carry it off then they have to do extra work out. She was here at the lunch of the Melange Cocktail fashion collection where she talked to the media and expressed her views on bikini shot.

How she went to shoot this scene of bikini in the flick? Deepika tells that she changed her workout. She also stopped eating dinners every night during the shoot of the scene. Producer Dinesh would take the whole unit and cast on dinners every night but she used to stay back at her room and just eat steamed fish. Once the scene was over, Deepika went out with the producer for dinner and did full justice to the food and big chocolate desserts. She humorously says that the restaurant ran out of food that night.

The film stars Saif Ali Khan along with two hot steamy gals of the tinsel town Deepika Padukone and Diana Penty. The movie is slated for release on July 13th all over. The film’s music has been hitting the charts and getting good response from the listeners. Pakistani singers too have been roped in to croon the songs.

The promotional work has been started off. Trade pundits hope about film’s success. Let’s wait and see the outcome on screen.

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