Deepika Padukone to return to Race 2 but on her own terms

Mumbai: Deepika Padukone and Ramesh Taurani’s matter has reached at the heated heightens now. It is being churned out in media, every party and everywhere. Ramesh has filed the complaint against the actress to the CINTAA association post Deepika’s walking out of the project without any notification and after shooting for the film for few days. Taurani had taken this matter very seriously and called her unethical and unprofessional besides his other statements in the media. Well, now the matter is being getting resolved, as it is now with the CINTAA.

The latest development on this story is that Deepika will return to Race 2 but on her own terms and conditions which she laid to the producer. Little birdie told that she had a meeting with Taurani yesterday and post the meeting, she reached at the conclusion that getting into this matter would not cost her benefits rather big financial loses. She knows that Ramesh has asked the damages from her. And to pay them would simply be out of her hands.

A close source, who was there when the meeting between the actress, producer and general secretary of CINTAA took place, said that Deepika showed her consent to carry on with the film but she laid out her own terms before the producer.

Dharmesh Tiwari, the general secretary of CINTAA, told that still they were working on the final decision but the brawl between Deepika and Taurani would end within 48 hours.

A source of Deepika said that she laid out her five concerns to Taurani and if he agreed to accept them, she would be back in the film ‘Race 2’. The source uttered that the ball was now in Ramesh’s court.

Well, it seems that Deepika will make her comeback in the movie and now we have to see if Ramesh Taurani agrees on her terms and conditions.

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