Deepika says she will always stand up for Ranbir

Friends? Foes? Estranged exes? Or reconciled friends? Phew. We’re sure Deepika and Ranbir will keep surprising us with their constant war of words and wits. But let’s leave the spats behind for now, because it seems like the two are currently in a comfort zone with each other. Ranbir’s recent argument with Ranveer Singh over Deepika made headlines. Ranveer had made remarks about Deepika and it didn’t go down too well with the Kapoor boy. So much has been written and talked about Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone after their break up, but the duo seem to have decided to leave the past behind and move on with no hurt feelings. In contrary to the reports that they have turned to enemity after the split, they are still friends and are ready to stand up for each other in times of need. Deepika told Zoom channel, “I wasn’t there at the party, so I don’t know what happened.” She then added, “Ranbir and I know each other very well and I know that I’ll always stand up for Ranbir and he’ll do the same for me.” We think with this confession, all the past outbursts in the media could be written off.

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